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Blending Fiction with TTRPGs

Flashing in arcs, his long knife severed hands, cut trenches of flesh and blood before he managed to dig his heels to his mount. They fled west, his last view of the square was his mad pursuers fruitlessly sprinting after him and the leader sitting before a lit sickly yellow candle.

A Quick Drink On the Road

Our initial publication run has been heavily focused on the TTRPG side of our mission. Long form fiction just simply has a much longer creative process, so in the meantime we’d like to announce a little experiment.

A blend of traditional TTRPG material and flash fiction – to really set the intended flavour of the TTRPG material. Ye Olde Tunscipe is 2 pages of fantasy town, 4 pages of sword and sorcery, and 1 page of brewery recipe. What we find really exciting about this work, is that while there’s sinister undertones in the mechanics of the town, its within the story that the real darkness is exposed.

Addiction, a honey cartel, and an evil wizard are easy to improvise and add while at the table, but the fiction really gives you notes to riff off and hang your own creations.

We feel that the New Edge Sword and Sorcery genre is tailor made for OSR TTRPG games, and this is our first fusion.

So please enjoy Ye Olde Tunscipe, available free, forever.