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New Release: Poached Parchment

So the last batch of OSE content written this summer has been released!

Poached Parchment is a bit of a different stand alone dungeon, in that it’s full of good, rich, people that are ripe for plucking by a party of morally grey characters.

At it’s most basic, the dungeon is a stronghold of a name level Magic User, but rather than a traditional wizards tower, this is a fully working Scriveners Guild. It of course has hidden arcane secrets, but players will need to get outside help, ply the guild members with alcohol, or resort to grand divinations in order to find them.

There are traps in the places where the Magic User doesn’t want people to go. They are unfair, they are effective against intruders, and progress in lethality the deeper you go.

A creative Referee could use this module to create guard rotations, schedules, weaknesses, and other tools to make this fit a Conan style raid or an Oceans Eleven elaborate heist.

The Guild Master is no fire wielding evoker, but instead a more sage like diviner, and the set dressings try to reflect someone who’s main weapon is their guild and wits.

So enjoy, and take advantage of our opening sale with 10% off using the coupon code OSR10OFF.

Hail, Adventurer!

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